Sportsmen’s Constituent Group

Mission Statement: “Believing in the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, the rights of all people to access and recreate on public lands and the responsibility to scientifically manage and maintain these public resources , the Sportsmen’s Constituent Group serves as a forum for collaborating and communicating with the Arizona Game and Fish Commission/Department and related agencies, through the free and respectful exchange of ideas, viewpoints and strategies, in an effort to ensure the opportunities and longevity of our outdoor sporting and recreational heritage.”


You may watch the latest webcast of our September 11th meeting HERE.
To learn more, you can read through our By-Laws that have been adopted by viewing the News Feed You may also read about the goals of each standing committee (Communication, Legislative, Inclusiveness and Dept Issues) by using the tabs at the top of this page.
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We are working on a website, but for now, if anyone has questions about this group or you would like to be added to an email list for informational notifications, please email or click here.